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Joshua Charlie Joseph Bradley[1] (born September 4, 1992 (1992-09-04) [age 29]), also known online as Zerkaa or Josh Zerker, is a YouTube personality and the oldest member of the Sidemen.


Josh was born in Bermondsey in South London in 1992. He is the eldest of the Sidemen, with Miniminter being born three days later. As a child, he was heavily interested in football and has been a fan of Millwall F.C. for his whole life, having been gifted a season ticket in 1998 which he has kept ever since.

Josh attended Bexley Grammar School from 2004 to 2009, and it was here that he met Tobi. Josh gained 1 A*, 10 Bs, and 3 Cs in his GCSEs with the A* being in Business Studies, which could explain why he is good at organisation and deals with a lot of the business behind the Sidemen brand. Josh achieved 2 Bs and 2 Cs in his A Levels, and went on to study Digital Film Production at Ravensbourne University, where he graduated with an upper second class honours degree (2:1).

From February 2014 until January 2019, he lived in the Sidemen House (and the former Sidemen House) alongside JJ, Vik and Simon. He has been in a relationship with Freya Nightingale since 28 December 2011 and they have lived in an apartment together in London since early-2019.


Josh started uploading YouTube videos in 2008. He initially posted gameplay videos Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 but progressed into posting FIFA and other football-related videos. During this time, Josh edited some old videos made by KSI.[2] Josh was supposed to release (but never did) a Call of Duty montage called Illuminate in 2012.

Up until 2014, Josh rarely showed his face on camera and was often seen hidden behind a mask. For a long time he called himself "Josh Zerker" and adamantly defended this alias as his "real" name until 2015, when more and more people learned that his real name was Josh Bradley.

Josh is "officially" the Ultimate Sideman having won The Sidemen Experience in 2014 - a contest in the very early years of the group.

Homegrown Podcast

Main article: Homegrown Podcast

Josh launched his own podcast series in Summer 2017, around the time of the Sidemen Beef.


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Josh launched his own clothing line in April 2017.


  • Josh's main channel is ranked #81 in the most subscribed YouTube channels of the UK.
  • Josh is known as the organiser of the 'holiday videos' as he plans the teams, locations and challenges.
  • Josh owned an Audi R8 until May 2019. He previously owned an Audi TT.
  • As Josh is the oldest of the Sidemen, the boys jokingly refer to him as "dad" or "daddy". Josh has just accepted the joke now and sometimes even says it himself.
  • It was speculated that Josh suffered from Tourette syndrome, due to his bizarre comments and spontanious outbursts in old videos - but this is untrue.
  • Josh has made a video with all of the Sidemen members individually on his channel.
  • He was the first member in The Sidemen to grow a full beard.
  • When Peter Andre met Josh he called him 'Joshy'.
  • Josh appeared on an episode of This Morning when he was a baby but couldn't remember why[3]
  • Josh and Tobi were joint winners of "HIDE & SEEK IN A THEME PARK" [published on the 6th October 2019].
  • In January 2021, Josh contracted COVID-19, which left him with a cough, feeling dizzy, and caused him to temporarily lose his sense of taste and smell.
  • Josh joined the Nopixel GTA Roleplay server on 28th April 2021, where he roleplays a character named Tommy Tate, also known as just Tommy T.