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Right, so...
— WillNE's intro

William Jonathan Lenney (born March 11, 1996 (1996-03-11) [age 26]), known online as WillNE, is a British YouTuber commonly linked with Stephen Tries, ImAllexx and Memeulous. Since 2017, he has been associated with the Sidemen.


Will was born in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. He was raised in Whitley Bay with his parents and has a pet dog named Darcey. It is a recurring joke on his channel that he has a square head, which leads to him often being compared to the Minecraft character Steve.


WillNE started his YouTube channel in 2012, and is well known for his commentary/reaction videos. He rose to fame by making videos on BGMedia that went viral. Will also has a second channel called S2W where he predominantly makes Reddit and gaming videos.

WillNE often collaborates with Memeulous, ImAlexx and James Marriott as they all live close to each other. He also makes videos with his close friend Stephen Tries, with whom he went on tour with in 2018 with their show "This Week On The Internet Live" based on Will's popular video series of the same name on his channel (often abbreviated to TWOTI).

Will's connection with the Sidemen began when he was asked to participate in the 2017 Charity Football Match. He was invited back the following year, in which his famous tackle on RiceGum happened and has since featured in some videos uploaded by Behzinga.

He was also a part of the channel XO, with other YouTubers True Geordie, Stephen Tries, Laurence McKenna and, in later videos, Max Smith and Cam Kirkham. The channel featured skits, sports news, podcasts and general comedy for over a year but has been inactive since June 2019.

Since December 2018, Will has been in a "subscriber battle" with Jill Hudson, the mother of Morgz (known online as Morgz Mum). At first, it was a casual mention by Will saying she was closing in on him in their subscriber count, but she seemingly knows who he is and mocked him after she overtook his channel. As of July 2020, Will has more subscribers than Morgz Mum.

As of 2020, he is in a group with Memeulous, ImAlexx and James Marriott called Eboys.