This Blog is where the Sidemen was in a TDM Deatchmatch(based on COD.) against my company JHD.(BY THE WAY THIS IS FAN FICTION!)

First of all let's reveal my team.

Me - Epic! Harley - Nerd! Daniel - Hyper Dylan - Rage Lloyd - Rich Lewis - Gamer Josh - Sideman Fan?(playing on.)

Let's GO!!!

First off Wrotetoshaw dies by committing suicide. Then my squad decides to split up in packs for survival. Miniminter laughs at Behzinga's weight while I drank tons of Juggernaut. Lewis was playing on his phone the entire time. Vikkstar123 and Zerkaa kidnap Harley and brutally torture him with dildos and bondage gear. Vikkstar123 whispers in a sexy voice "just the way I like it." Dylan puts bleach in TBJZL's drink. Hoping for him to drink it. Behzinga says the F-Bomb every 3 seconds. Me and Daniel then went hiking as I had sex with Wrotetoshaw's Sister. Josh met Zerkaa and got a autograph but Lloyd hacked Josh while Zerkaa watched. Lewis was Secretly singing one of Justin Bieber's Hit Singles. KSI and TBJZL met up and loaded up on weapons, But Lloyd and Dylan go square to square with them. Lloyd was the only survivor. Miniminter was burning tons of copy's of KSI's ep's while Daniel stole Zerkaa's gem. Lewis was brutally slaughtered by Vikkstar123 but Lloyd killed Vik. Behzinga saw Me in the distance as I said "Oh it's that guy who likes to pull out racial slurs." Behzinga stabbed me but I shot him in the head. Daniel severely hung Zerkaa on a street wire but Miniminter gunned him down. I died while Lloyd said "I'll avenge you." Miniminter and Lloyd met. Lloyd ripped his arms off and broke both of his legs. Lloyd then stabbed him and said "For Jake." Lloyd celebrated by drinking Coca Cola. Then kills Miniminter's Brother.

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