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Here on The Sidemen Wiki, we kindly request you to read the following rules and guidance before creating or editing a page.

Creating Pages

  • When making a page, please remember that the wiki is about the Sidemen, and NOT YouTubers in general. Please create pages that have relevance to the Sidemen.
  • Please do NOT create pages with a small simple sentences or a random URL. The minimum requirement for information is 3 sentences (or 1 paragraph) regarding the person, their background and relevance to the Sidemen. The page will be listed as a "stub" until it fills out further. Pages that don't follow this format will be deleted if they are not edited again in 24 hours.
  • Before creating a page, please check to see if it already exists. No person should have more than one page. If a person has multiple channels, they must also be added to the same page unless an admin changes it or if the channel is run under separate brand identities or creators.
  • ALL pages are to be written in British English
  • Please write factual information on the page you create, and not your opinions. Nothing should be subjective or biased on this wiki.
  • In order to maintain the quality standard, we encourage you to proofread your page before publishing and make sure it isn't filled with incorrect spelling, grammar or punctuation mistakes. You may take sites like thepunctuationguide as a reference.
  • If you add something obsure to a page, please provide a reference in the edit summary or, if you are able to, create an in-text citation. This is in place to minimize edit warrants, which are a wiki offense.
  • Do NOT plagiarize articles. Please do not go on or any related wikia sites and copy & paste the text onto a article on our wiki. We are trying our best to provide original and researched information to this wiki. If you are trying to create a new article, please find the correct, researched information's about the creation you are bringing to this wiki.
  • Please do NOT insert birthdays you find on unless there is another source that confirms the birthday. They have been known to give out false information.


  • Rude behaviour and hate speech of any kind will NOT be tolerated under any circumstance. The Sidemen Wiki aims to be both an informative and safe place for users and editors alike – and actions to prevent such a place will result in a lengthy block or an indefinite ban.
    • Hate speech is NOT stating that you dislike a YouTuber or critiquing their work or any other comment with a positive connotation – but is any speech or display that attacks, threatens, objectives or insults a person or group.
      • If you see any hate speech in comments or blog posts, please report it. It will then be reviewed, and likely removed.
    • Rude behaviour is a much simpler topic – be kind to others while using this fandom. This includes limiting curse/mature words. People of all ages view YouTube, and as such, people of all ages are permitted to view The Sidemen WIki. Comments considered creepy (such as saying "I know where this YouTuber lives!" or "I have their Skype if you want it") are an invasion of a YouTubers privacy and also should not be left on an article, or in the comments.
  • Depending on the comment considered "rude", users will be given a warning from an admin to a ban. This will be up to the admin's discretion.


  • If you are found adding spam, unwanted, or untrue statements on a user page, you may be given a warning or possibly blocked depending on the situation. If you do get a warning and you continue to add spam, you will be blocked from the wiki. It will be up to an admin to decide how long you will be blocked.

Blocked vs Banned

Being blocked and being banned are two different things:

  • If you are blocked, that means that you can come back on The Sidemen Wiki after a certain amount of time.
  • If you are banned, that means you are not allowed to edit on the wiki anymore and your username/IP address will receive a ban of infinite duration. If you have been blocked three times on The Sidemen WIki, you will be banned. This rule does not include the spam rule.


If you are using the name of a Online Personality as your username, you will be blocked. Having the name of a celebrity in The Sidemen Wiki could lead someone to think that their favourite YouTuber is on the site and could tarnish their name, spread false information, and so on. It is only acceptable if there are others words included in the username like "Fan" or something similar (such as, "MiniminterFan"), indicating you are not the named YouTuber, Miniminter.

Blog Posts Rules

Blogs are how the community interacts with each other. However, there are some rules to be followed.

  • No spamming, spamming on blog posts wont be tolerated. If you spam, you will receive a 1-week block and your blog post(s) will be deleted. If repeated again, it will result in an indefinite ban.
  • No Hate speech, hate speech is speech that expresses hate or threats towards a person or group based on something such as race, religion or sexuality. If you are seen doing this you will receive a 1-week block and if repeated, a further block until you are banned.
  • Swearing is allowed, unless used in a hostile way, such as harassment towards other users. Staff will not tolerate this and can give you an immediate ban.
  • No Harassing, people harassing other users will be banned on the first sight of these messages (though message wall talking will still be enabled, so if you want to discuss the situation with an admin, do so as you please).


  • Content creators' privacy should be respected on this wiki. Anyone caught adding personal information (that isn't shared by the creator, such as a home address) will be banned.


  • Please only add videos to this site if it is going to be used on a page. If you are seen to be adding videos that aren't being used, you will receive a warning. If you continue to do this, you will be blocked. Adding videos that have no relevance to the Sidemen Wiki will also earn you a warning.

Nudity/Sexual Explicit Content

  • Nudity or otherwise sexually explicit content should not be uploaded onto this site. 
  • Editors found adding explicit content will be banned from editing on the wiki.

Edit Warrant

  • An edit warrant is where 2 users undo each of their edits in one page due to a disagreement between each other. If you are in a situation where you are edit warring with someone, please message them on their message wall. Explain your reasoning as to why your edit should be published with research to back-up your reasoning. If the edit warrant continues after discussing, please contact an Admin or Content Moderator. If you are the user with incorrect information, or your edits were not published, please do not harass or get frustrated with the people that were involved. This can result in getting blocked or banned if continued. You can also get blocked after continuing the edit warrant that was already concluded.


  • Vandalism is a common problem inside FANDOM and, of course, on The Sidemen Wiki. If you are caught vandalizing a page on the wiki, you may be blocked or indefinitely banned depending on the severity of the vandalism. Vandalising repeatedly can also result in getting blocked across FANDOM, meaning you cannot edit on any wiki inside the FANDOM platform.


  • Admins will have the final say on how the pages look. There is a certain layout in which articles are organized on each page, please use other pages as examples on how the article should look (for example, take a look at The Sidemen, KSI and Miniminter pages for reference). Refer to those pages and ensure the page you're making at least looks similar to those.
    • When naming the page, please remember that The Sidemen Wiki goes by whatever the name used is on the official channel itself.
    • If there are any other questions, contact one of our admins.

Thanks to Wikitubia for providing the base of this page.