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Ultimate Sidemen logo

The banner logo used in the group's videos from 2013–2015. The full form had silhouettes of sharply-dressed men above the banner.

The Sidemen (formally the Ultimate Sidemen), created on 19 October 2013, are a British YouTube group made up of Behzinga (Ethan Payne), KSI (Olajide Olatunji), Miniminter (Simon Minter), Vikkstar123 (Vikram Barn), W2S (Harry Lewis), and Zerkaa (Josh Bradley). They are all good friends, play video games together and have created a commercial brand from their name; making them the biggest YouTube group in Europe.

Since January 2018, they have uploaded weekly videos to their group channel under the banner of "Sidemen Sunday". They also have a second channel called MoreSidemen, where they upload compilations, behind the scenes, and weekly videos under the banner of "Sidemen Saturday".


Main article: The Sidemen Yearbook

In 2005 (aged 12–13), Simon became friends with JJ and would help him record videos. The two eventually ended up connecting with Zerkaa in 2012, who was already long-term friends with TBJZL from secondary school. On Josh's 21st birthday in September 2013, the four were all in a voice hangout and started watching a stream from Behzinga, whom they then invited to the group. This initial group was nicknamed - by Simon - as "The Original Five". Ethan coined the official name of the group, which is an allusion to a term to refer to those who are "behind the scenes" in a group and are much less noticed than the main people.[1] Originally, Simon was a "sideman" to JJ and Tobi was a "sideman" to Josh.

They started recording and playing GTA together, and then invited Vikkstar123. He was a fit despite not being as invested in FIFA/football as the others, but joined anyway as it was an informal group at the time. The Ultimate Sidemen - minus wroetoshaw - officially formed on 19 October 2013. A few months later, in early 2014, they asked Harry to record with them and he too fit in and eventually became integrated.

In addition to these seven, British rapper JME is considered an official/unofficial member of the Sidemen, since he allegedly played a key part in the group's formation.

In August 2017, KSI "left" the group (he claimed it was "because of Ethan", triggering events known as the "Sidemen War/Beef") which in turn prompted a series of diss tracks and online spats. The majority of the "beef" was fabricated - as JJ and Ethan are still friends - and was deemed by some as a ploy to gain more views/attention. In reality, JJ never actually left the group and the seven are still together as of now.

In 2018, the Sidemen launched a web television series for YouTube Originals called The Sidemen Show. It premiered in June 2018 to positive reviews and reactions. However, they have downplayed speculation for a second series as it would supposedly be very expensive.


The Sidemen at Insomnia 53 with fans. This picture was taken in November 2014.

The Sidemen have a diverse fan base. As shown in vlogs made by individual Sidemen members, the majority of the fans that show up to events are young teenage males. However, their fans range from all different ages and a large proportion of them are female.

The Group

The members of the group are:

Total Subscribers Chart

The Sidemen have a combined total of more than 98 million subscribers across their channels. 


Youtube Channels Subscribers
Main Second Third
KSI 21.5M
(JJ Olatunji)


W2S 15.3M
Miniminter 8.6M
Vikkstar123 6.2M
Zerkaa 3.5M
Behzinga 3.7M
Group Channels 8.4M
Total Subscribers 100.7M


As their popularity began to grow, the Sidemen began to branch out and started hosting their own events. Appearances at commercial gaming events such as Insomnia, as well as unofficial meet-ups are not counted as there are too many of them:



This is an overview of where each of the Sidemen lives, or have lived in together. Prior to moving into the locations below, most of them lived with their parents/family except Zerkaa who had a flat:

Location Sidemen
First Sidemen House
(February 2014–May 2016)
  • Vikkstar123 (February 2014–November 2018)
  • KSI (February 2014–March 2019)
  • Miniminter (February 2014–January 2019)
  • Zerkaa (February 2014–January 2019)
Second Sidemen House
(May 2016–March 2019)
Stratford Halo Tower
(September 2014–present)
  • Wroetoshaw (September 2014–June 2018)
  • TBJZL (May 2015–present)
  • KSI (November 2014–November 2015)
  • Behzinga (October 2015–October 2017)
Separate Flat/House


This is a list of the current and former cars owned by each of the Sidemen. Some of this information may be outdated and therefore incorrect. Additionally, if you can find out some of the blank dates, feel free to fill the gaps in if you have a good source (or leave it in the comments below):

  • Unknown Lamborghini Model (KSI)
  • Lamborghini Aventador (formerly owned by KSI)
  • Porsche Boxster (formerly owned by KSI)
  • Range Rover Evoque (formerly owned by Miniminter)
  • Range Rover Evoque (formerly owned by W2S)
  • Aston Martin V8 Vantage (Vikkstar123)
  • Lamborghini Gallardo 50th Anniversary Edition (Wroeteshaw)
  • Volkswagen Scirocco (formerly owned by Vikkstar123)
  • Tesla P90D (Vikkstar123)
  • Nissan GTR Recaro Edition (Behzinga)
  • Audi R8 V10 Plus (Zerkaa)


  • Nissan GT-R (June 2017—present)
  • Mercedes A Class (Unknown - September 2016)


  • Tesla Model X P100D (November 2017—April 2019)
  • Range Rover Evoque (Unknown-November 2017)
  • Ford Fiesta (Unknown)


  • Unknown Lamborghini Model (Unknown-present) [2]
  • Lamborghini Aventador (October 2014—September 2017)
  • Porsche Cayenne  (March 2016 - Present)
  • Porsche Boxster (Unknown - October 2014)


  • Audi A3 (January 2015—present)
  • Range Rover Evoque (Unknown - present)


  • Tesla Model S P90D (October 2016—present)
  • Aston Martin V8 Vantage (May 2015—present)
  • Volkswagen Scirocco (May 2013—present)



  • SMART Fortwo (2010Unknown)
  • Audi TT (UnknownUnknown)
  • Audi R8 (December 2016—May 2019)

Supported Football Clubs

Sideman Club
Behzinga West Ham United
KSI Arsenal F.C.
Miniminter Leeds United F.C.
TBJZL Manchester United
Vikkstar123 Sheffield Wednesday F.C.
W2S Chelsea F.C.
Zerkaa Millwall F.C.


All of the Sidemen are fans of association football and FIFA is the main game that is commonly associated with most them. Each member of the group has at least two YouTube channels; one for FIFA and "real life" videos and one for other games such as Grand Theft Auto V and Call of Duty. Vikkstar123 is an exception; his main channel is not FIFA-focused and his second channel is Minecraft-focused (although he also runs a third Let's Play channel and the fourth Call of Duty community channel).

This is a list of video games played by the Sidemen since the group's inception in 2013.

  1. This list is potentially endless. You can help out by adding any video games we may have missed. Please make sure they are genuine and you have sourced them reliably.
  1. A game that gains a position on this list must have had AT LEAST two Sidemen playing together (i.e. a video game that Miniminter has played on his own would not count towards this list).


  • Murder Party - Jackbox Games
  • Quiplash
  • Survive the Internet
  • Mad Verse City
  • Cards Against Humanity
  • Monopoly
  • Pinturillo 2
  • Draw With Friends
  • Draw My Thing
  • Rocket League
  • FIFA
  • Call of Duty
  • Grand Theft Auto V
  • Tower Unite Minigolf
  • Golf with Your Friends
  • 3D Ultra Minigolf
  • Dead by Daylight
  • Garry's Mod (GMOD)
  • Trivial Pursuit Live
  • Pokémon Go
  • Shellshock Live
  • Uno/Uno Rush
  • Geoguessr
  • H1Z1
  • Sniper Elite 4
  • Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands
  • Golf It
  • Gang Beasts
  • Google Feud
  • Ratty Catty
  • Winning Putt
  • Ballistic Overkill
  • Slender
  • Doom
  • Overwatch
  • Tom Clancy's The Division
  • Last Will
  • Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
  • NHL
  • WWE 2K
  • Plastic Warfare
  • Akinator
  • Fishing Planet
  • NBA 2K
  • DiRT 4
  • Depth
  • VR Pool
  • Rainbow Six Siege
  • Steep
  • London 2012 Olympics
  • Skate 3
  • Portal 2
  • The Forest
  • Snow
  • Minecraft
  • Mount Your Friends
  • PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
  • Fortnite Battle Royale
  • Quiz Night Tonight
  • Trials
  • Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader
  • Team Fortress 2
  • Peggle
  • Ultimate Fishing Simulator

-YouTubers life -UFC 2


This is a list of catchphrases often affiliated with the Sidemen. Many of the following catchphrases were popular in 2014–2015, so may be slightly outdated:

  • "Got the Boost, Boys!": This catchphrase is usually stated (typically in a high-pitch tone) by any of the seven Sidemen who achieve the boosted launch at the start of a race in Grand Theft Auto V. This catchphrase was started by Behzinga.
  • "Oh my Days!": Originally exclaimed by wroetoshaw whenever he failed at FIFA, this phrase has since been adopted by the other Sidemen if they make a mistake in a game or if something negative happens to them.
  • "You're a Prick!": The derogatory word "prick" is heavily emphasised whenever one of the Sidemen uses this insult. It is usually aimed at each other, particularly at Vikkstar123 when he is "stabilising" in Grand Theft Auto V, this catchphrase was started by Behzinga and Zerkaa.
  • "Sweg": The mispronunciation of the word "swag" is a common trait amongst the Sidemen. They use it to refer to the slipstream in GTAV, claiming to "get each others' sweg lines".
  • "Twice the Wheels, Twice the Fastness": This is typically exclaimed by Vikkstar123 when he chooses a quad-bike instead of a motorbike in Grand Theft Auto V. He claims that this choice of vehicle makes him travel twice as fast as he has twice as many wheels.
  • "The Power of Emon": This phrase is said simultaneously by Miniminter and Behzinga whenever they perform something exciting together in a GTA race. It is a reference to the fictional sexual relationship between the pair. It's usually sung to the tune of The Power Of Love.
  • "'Elmetboy Origins": Usually said by Vik (who leaves the "H" silent) when he gets out of a hard situation in 'Grand Theft Auto V, or if he doesn't die from another Sideman's action.
  • "That/this is so AIDS": This controversial remark has lessened in usage over the past few years, but is still said to describe anything negative that happens to the Sidemen in numerous games that they play. Many fans/followers however suggest that the phrase is in bad taste because, obviously, AIDS is a horrific and life-threatening virus. This is thought to be the reason for them cutting down on its usage. These are commonly used by Zerkaa or Wroetoshaw.
  • "Spawn AIDS": A related phrase (also occasionally shortened to "Spaids"), which is said when a Sideman respawns in their GTA vehicle only to immediately fall again repeatedly due to glitches related to the checkpoint they're on, causing him to go into a seemingly infinite loop of respawning.
  • "Oooooh, f**k/suck ya mum": When Josh is struggling in a game, such as GTA V, he will use this phrase to express his anger in a unique way.
  • "Have a Shot Mate!": This phrase is most often used by Josh in his FIFA videos. Because of this video, the other Sidemen occasionally tease Josh about his constant use of this phrase.
  • "I CBA/CBF!": When Harry is pissed off in his FIFA videos, he usually says "I CBA anymore." CBA stands for "can't be arsed." When he gets to be even more frustrated, he says "I CBF..." which stands for "I can't be f**ked."
  • "Nooo, bastard!": Usually used by Josh when something doesn't go his way, for example, if he's getting killed in Call of Duty.
  • "Have a ping!" : Usually used by Harry in FIFA videos on the MoreSidemen channel when someone is remotely close to the goal.


  • The group, mainly those living in the Sidemen House, would record game play throughout the night and spend up to 14 hours a day sat at their desks. This resulted in abnormal sleep patterns/schedules. Vikk revealed that, in order to sustain his near-constant upload schedule on YouTube, he went to sleep at around 11:00 am and woke up at 6:00 pm. This was seen a lot, especially when streaming with friends overseas.
  • As of 2020, Josh is the only Sidemen not to release an official song on his own, or with someone outside the Sidemen.
  • Simon and JJ's flat is now the "base" for the Sidemen, as they are shown to film there regularly both for main and second channel videos.
  • Behind JJ, Harry is the second Sidemen to release more than 3 songs, with 4. Third is Ethan and Simon, with 3. Tobi and Vik have 2 songs, and Josh has 1.
  • Simon runs and maintains the "MoreSidemen" channel.



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