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Seana Cuthbert (born November 24, 1994 (1994-11-24) [age 26]) is a English (possibly Scottish), YouTuber. She's associated with the Sidemen for being the ex girlfriend of the English YouTuber, rapper and boxer respectfully known as KSI.

Relationship with KSI

Seana is KSI's ex-girlfriend. It is not known when their relationship officially began, but there is evidence to show that they were dating since 2012. She was jealous of KSI and Amrita's relationship.

JJ released a video on 26 January 2014 that was a Q&A Sunday with him and Seana. Most of the questions, unsurprisingly, involved doing some quite obscene acts, such as having a "twerk-off" and holding a "loudest sex noise" competition.


The duo's breakup was first announced via JJ's Twitter on 28 August 2014, but the tweets have since been deleted. The following week, in his Googling Myself video, he affirmed the fact that they were indeed no longer together. He also stated that they were still friends, but the two do not seem to be following each other on any form of social media.

On 22 October 2014, Seana stated the reason for her and JJ's breakup in a video entitled "Q&A - Twerk". She said the reason was that JJ was too busy with YouTube and had a lot of things going on in his life. She has not appeared in any of his or the Sidemen's videos since their breakup.


  • Her name is commonly misspelled as both Shauna and Shawna due to sounding similar to how her name is spelled.
  • Her name often appeared in Cards Against Humanity videos as common recurring jokes.
  • Most of Seana's tweets mentioning JJ have now been deleted and are no longer retrievable.
  • Seana also has a YouTube channel called "seanyyy". She just has eleven videos on her channel, mostly all of them are vlogs. Later on, all of her videos have been deleted off her platform for possible personal reasons.