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Samuel Andrew Gumbley, also known by alias S-X, is a British musician, producer and YouTuber who is friends with the Sidemen



S-X was born in Wolverhampton, England. He attended Smestow School before moving on to study music production at the City of Wolverhampton College.

In year 7, he began playing the drums and producing beats on FL STUDIO [1].

Music Career

S-X has released three solo albums. "Reasons" and "TEMPORARY", both of which were released in 2018 and his latest album, "True Colours" which was released in 2019. He has featuring artists such as JME on some of his songs.

Aside from his albums, he has released numerous singles and EP's, with one of his singles "Free At Last" featuring Childish Gambino.

In November 2019, S-X and KSI dropped a single named Down Like That which featured major artists Rick Ross and Lil Baby. It charted as high as number 10 on the UK Charts.

In December 2019, S-X worked with Simon, Josh, JJ, and Tobi to create a song named 'The Gift' as part of the SIDEMEN MAKE A SONG IN 24 HOURS CHALLENGE.

S-X, also featured on the song Night To Remember which was released in the deluxe edition of KSI's album Dissimulation.


  • S-X is known to only wear shorts, as stated in his twitter bio. KSI tweeted in June, 2020 that he was the only person to have a picture of S-X wearing pants.
  • S-X is Jay from TGFbro's best friend according to a tweet from December, 2017.
  • KSI'sfan base jokes that S-X is replacing Randolph as his white best friend.