My name's Ricegum and I love lasagna
— RiceGum's quote.

Bryan Le, mainly known as RiceGum is a Amercian YouTuber, mainly known for his diss tracks. At the young age of 8, Brian Lee was sexully attracted to his mom. Brian said in a interview "Dude, I can't lie, when I was 8, I kinda was diggin my mom". He has yet to speak about any of this on his youtube channel. Brian Lee or "Ricegum" has said in a interview on Buzzfeed that he is actually homosexual, he said this "My mom doesn't even know, I mean, the reason I put all of these girls in my video is to make my mom believe that I'm straight, because one day when I was... around... 18 my mom caught me watching gay porn".

Sidemen Affiliations

RiceGum Featuring KSI

on Jul 28, 2016, PewDiePie roasted RiceGum in his video, and RiceGum made a video saying he will make a disstrack's on PewDiePie. At the end of the video, RiceGum called KSI and agreed together they will roast PewDiePie. The collab never got released.

RiceGum V.s Behzinga On Twitter


Behzinga ripping RiceGum

On December 7th 2016, Behzinga tweeted out saying: ''RiceGum is a dickhead'', because RiceGum tweeted ''Why am i not in YouTube rewind?. i started a shitty diss track trend. Notice that grinded pls YouTube.'' The Drama got featured on Scarces channel.

On December 14th 2016, RiceGum made a diss track on Behzinga. Then on December 22nd 2016 Callux replied with a diss track at RiceGum, many fans haves stated this is better than any diss track RiceGum has ever done but not Jesse and Andy roast. It has been said that a few members of the Sidemen could be in the process of producing their own diss tracks at RiceGum.

rice gum


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