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=== RiceGum Featuring [[KSI]] ===
=== RiceGum Featuring [[KSI]] ===
on Jul 28, 2016, PewDiePie roasted RiceGum in his video, and RiceGum made a video saying he will make a disstrack's on PewDiePie. At the end of the video, RiceGum called KSI and agreed together they will roast PewDiePie. The collab never got released.
=== RiceGum V.s [[Behzinga]] On Twitter ===
[[File:BEHZINGAttack.jpg|thumb|271x271px|Behzinga ripping RiceGum]]
<nowiki>On December 7th 2016, Behzinga tweeted out saying: ''</nowiki>''RiceGum is a dickhead''<nowiki>'', because RiceGum tweeted ''</nowiki>''Why am i not in YouTube rewind?. i started a shitty diss track trend. Notice that grinded pls YouTube.<nowiki>''</nowiki>'' The Drama got featured on Scarces channel. On December 14th 2016, RiceGum made a diss track on Behzinga. Then on December 22nd 2016 Callux replied with a diss track at RiceGum, many fans haves stated this is better than any diss track RiceGum has ever done but not Jesse and Andy roast. It has been said that a few members of the Sidemen could be in the process of producing their own diss tracks at RiceGum.
== KSI New Roomate ==
On August 1st 2017, RiceGum made a video named MY ''NEW ROOMMATE KSI ???, ''as on August 4th 2017, KSI tweeted out, that he is leaving Sidemen, and moving in with RiceGum & FaZe Bankz(fake)
== Gallery ==
== Gallery ==

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My name's Ricegum and I love lasagna
— RiceGum's quote.

Bryan Le, mainly known as RiceGum is a Amercian YouTuber, mainly known for his diss tracks.

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RiceGum Featuring KSI



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