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Reddit is an American social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion websites. It was founded by Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian on the 23rd June 2005 in Medford, Massachusetts. Lots of YouTubers have their own subreddit which they react to.


A lot of what is posted on the Sidemen reddits are recurring jokes or are about a new video.



  1. SIDEMEN REACT TO THEIR REDDIT [published on the 12th December 2019]
  2. SIDEMEN REACT TO THEIR REDDIT #2 [published on the 14th January 2020]
  3. SIDEMEN REACT TO THEIR REDDIT #3 [published on the 10th March 2020]


[JJ Olatunji]

  1. REACTING TO THE KSI REDDIT PAGE [published on the 7th January 2019]
  2. I have a son? [published on the 14th January 2019]
  3. If you can’t beat them... [published on the 25th January 2019]
  4. This Has Gone Too Far... [published on the 30th January 2019]
  5. STOP WITH THE HAIRLINE MEMES [published on the 6th February 2019]
  6. KSI IS FAT NOW? [published on the 9th February 2019]
  7. HE ACTUALLY DID IT?! [published on the 12th February 2019]
  8. HELPING PEWDIEPIE BEAT T-SERIES [published on the 1st March 2019]
  9. I can’t react to this fam... [published on the 10th March 2019]
  10. SHANE DAWSON IS A... [published on the 19th March 2019]
  11. My Best Friend Betrayed Me [published on the 3rd April 2019]
  12. Jake Paul Tried it... [published on the 18th April 2019]
  13. EXPLAIN THIS?!?! [published on the 28th April 2019]
  14. DEJI VS JAMES CHARLES [published on the 15th May 2019]
  15. SHREDDING SEASON!!! [published on the 13th July 2019]
  16. I have to make an adult movie because of this... [published on the 9th August 2019]
  17. Oh no... [published on the 21st September 2019]
  18. Reacting to KSI Vs Logan Paul Memes [published on the 17th November 2019]
  19. Laughing At Youtubers That Said Logan Paul Would Win [published on the 27th November 2019]
  20. STOP DOING THIS!!! [published on the 6th January 2020]
  21. JAKE PAUL IS WASHED UP [published on the 17th January 2020]
  22. Someone pretends to be KSI...And it works!!! [published on the 29th January 2020]
  23. My First TikTok... [published on the 3rd February 2020]
  24. Do I Bully The Sidemen? [published on the 2nd March 2020]
  25. The world has gone mad... [published on the 20th March 2020]
  26. DAX HAS ENTERED MY POPPIN CHALLENGE?!?! [published on the 7th April 2020]
  27. The Winner Of The Poppin Challenge Is... [published on the 17th April 2020]
  28. “How To Be KSI” [published on the 24th April 2020]
  29. I’m balding... [published on the 29th April 2020]
  30. The Perfect Disstrack? [published on the 6th May 2020]
  31. This Was A Mistake... [published on the 11th May 2020]
  32. I will go bald if... [published on the 14th May 2020]
  33. I’m in a Movie... [published on the 20th May 2020]
  34. Stop Doing This Please [published on the 26th May 2020]
  35. Laughing at Baldski Memes [published on the 28th May 2020]
  36. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA [published on the 1st June 2020]
  37. I have to respect Logan for this [published on the 6th June 2020]
  38. Why has he done this!?! [published on the 11th June 2020]
  39. Pokimane reacted to my Eyetracking video [published on the 15th June 2020]
  40. Well this was awkward... [published on the 19th June 2020]
  41. Pewdiepie Reacted To Our Reddit [published on the 24th June 2020]
  42. I got a root canal and this happened... [published on the 26th June 2020]
  43. What if Logan had beaten me? [published on the 30th June 2020]
  44. STOP WITH THE KSIMON MEMES [published on the 5th July 2020]
  45. Someone else is the Number One Nigerian Youtuber [published on the 9th July 2020]
  46. The Truth about my red hair... [published on the 15th July 2020]
  47. What Is My Real Height? [published on the 21st July 2020]
  48. Someone Hacked and Stole My Diamond Play Button... [published on the 27th July 2020]
  49. We Lost To Jake Paul? [published on the 29th July 2020]
  50. Ladies and Gentlemen...We did it [published on the 3rd August 2020]
  51. What is my bro doing? [published on the 8th August 2020]
  52. I‘ve Been Lied To... [published on the 13th August 2020]
  53. Youtuber Does A Smash Or Pass On Me [published on the 18th August 2020]
  54. Pewdiepie wants me to buy this? [published on the 22nd August 2020]
  55. Apparently I Hate Indians... [published on the 28th August 2020]



  1. My fans are mean [published on the 7th March 2019]
  2. DO I COPY KSI? [published on the 8th April 2019]
  3. THE RACE TO 10 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS [published on the 22nd May 2019]
  4. The Truth Behind Sidemen Sundays [published on the 11th June 2019]
  5. MY WORST HAIRCUT... [published on the 3rd July 2019]
  6. Am I a good YouTuber? [published on the 5th August 2019]
  7. Original Content.mp4 [published on the 7th September 2019]
  8. Sidemen To 10 Million Subscribers [published on the 13th October 2019]
  9. WHICH CELEBRITY AM I? [published on the 8th November 2019]
  10. WHAT THE INTERNET THINKS OF KSI VS LOGAN PAUL [published on the 20th November 2019]
  11. THE SIDEMEN THEN AND NOW [published on the 22nd January 2020]
  12. A FEMALE VERSION OF ME? [published on the 18th February 2020]
  13. THE TRUTH BEHIND THE SIDEMEN VIDEO [published on the 9th March 2020]
  14. THE RACE TO 10 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS [published on the 2nd April 2020]
  15. The War is Over. [published on the 9th May 2020]
  16. IF THE SIDEMEN WERE FEMALE... [published on the 20th May 2020]
  17. My Experience with KSI [published on the 11th June 2020]
  18. I NEED YOUR HELP... [published on the 16th July 2020]
  19. CAN WE PLEASE STOP THIS.... [published on the 16th August 2020]
  20. I didn’t want to show you this... [published on the 27th August 2020]



  1. I MADE A REDDIT PAGE! Ft WillNE [published on the 21st December 2019]
  2. ______ ______ Has Followed You! [published on the 15th January 2020]
  3. Reacting To The Best Dad Jokes [published on the 5th February 2020]
  4. This Girl Called Me Daddy... [published on the 13th March 2020]
  5. My $20,000 Custom SIDEMEN Jewellery [published on the 3rd April 2020]
  6. Finding My Look A Like... [published on the 1st May 2020]
  7. I Ghost Wrote On KSI’s Dissimulation [published on the 11th June 2020]
  8. Sidemen Diss Track Season 2 [published on the 11th July 2020]
  9. I’ve Seen Something KSI Hasn’t Shown... [published on the 10th August 2020]



  1. Releasing My FIRST Ever Song! [published on the 11th June 2020]
  2. Shaving Off My Beard... [published on the 6th July 2020]
  3. How I Got Into A Fight With KSI... [published on the 20th July 2020]
  4. Why I Was On TV... [published on the 27th July 2020]
  5. Explaining Why We Broke Up... [published on the 3rd August 2020]
  6. OnlyFans Model Wants To Replace My Girlfriend... [published on the 10th August 2020]
  7. I Revealed A Personal Secret... [published on the 17th August 2020]
  8. I Thought The NEW SIDEMEN Channel Would Fail... [published on the 24th August 2020]
  9. The Sidemen Are Having Kids?! [published on the 31st August 2020]



  1. NEVER LET KSI DO YOUR SHOPPING... [published on the 31st July 2020]
  2. A NEW ENEMY. WE MUST STOP THIS MAN! [published on the 14th August 2020



  1. W2S REACTS TO HIS REDDIT [published on the 2nd December 2020]


Subreddit Members
r/ksi 1.2 million
r/Sidemen 153 thousand
r/miniminter 100 thousand
r/Behzinga 62.3 thousand
r/Zerkaa 44.1 thousand
r/TBJZL 30.9 thousand
r/W2S 23.7 thousand



  1. REDDIT ROAST ME... [published on the 9th August 2018]
  2. I Got Roasted. [published on the 9th January 2019]
  3. REDDIT ROASTS BEHZINGA [published on the 20th November 2019]


  1. Reacting to Pewdiepie’s Reddit [published on the 14th June 2020]

KSI reacted to Pewdiepie‘s subreddit. Pewdiepie then reacted to KSI reacting to his subreddit (LWIAY #00123). KSI then reacted to Pewdiepie reacting to him reacting to his subreddit.


I love recently that some of the Sidemen have discovered reddit videos and the filthy clickbait you can whack on them.
WillNE in the S2W reddit video “Surely Not...” [published on the 25th August 2020]