Certain members of the Sidemen are regular victims of banterous remarks and jokes from the rest of the group. Most of them are very specific and focus on a particular aspect of that member's personality.



  • Incest - Harry has always been accused of coming from an inbred family. Comments are also made about his incestuous relationship with his "sister". These accusations originate from the common Guernsey stereotype. Although not officially confirmed, Harry is thought to have been born into a normal, non-incestuous family.
  • Racism - Members of the Sidemen and online associates of theirs often call Harry racist. This is mostly attributed to the racist remarks Harry has made over the years.
  • Breaking Chairs - Harry, in many of his videos, would end up getting mad, resulting in screaming and throwing (and breaking) chairs. He has broken over 14 chairs.
  • Drugs - As Harry wears bucket hats often, the Sidemen members and fanbase mock him for consuming drugs, especially ketamine. KSI's "Little Boy" diss track brought the jokes to a new level. Although Harry has made several jokes himself, he does not actually take drugs. 
  • Sexuality - Harry has stated multiple times that he does not know his sexuality, earning gay jokes and bisexual jokes, especially recently. 
  • Weight - After making fun of Ethan and JJ for their weight, Harry has now taken the brunt of the fat jokes, especially during the "Sidemen gain the most weight in 24 hours" video. 
  • Drinking - Harry has been made fun of, especially following the Road Trip Holiday video, for his alcoholism and several acts of idiocy he has done due to being drunk. Vik has pointed out that "The more Harry drinks, the more he wants to drink" in the "Sidemen Play the Bad People Game" on MoreSidemen
  • Uploading - Harry is known for not uploading for months on end, which has become a constant joke amongst the fans and guys alike. 
Old Josh


  • Daddy - In reference to Josh being the oldest Sideman, as well as the fact that he has a beard, he is often referred to as the "daddy" of the group. This remark is more so used by the fans and followers of the Sidemen but is often picked up on from the inside, especially by Simon.
  • Age - The others joke about him being old and having grey hair.
  • Racism - Josh has made many racist remarks over the years, which the others have been shocked at, and joke about quite a bit.
  • Tourettes - Due to the outrageous things Josh has said, especially during gameplay videos, the original fan joke that Josh has Tourette's Syndrome has been addressed by the guys several times.
  • Late - On the "Sidemen Escape Room" video, Josh overslept a considerable amount, leading him to sprint to filming as fast as he could, arriving some time after the others were already performing the escape rooms. Because of this, the guys have said the lateness "crown" now goes to Josh due to how late he ended up being. They have joked about this a lot during Quarentine.


  • Paedophilia - Vik, due to being a Minecraft YouTuber away from the Sidemen, is accused of being attracted to children. This is because his Minecraft gaming community and channel followers are perceived to be children under the age of 12.
  • Indian - He is often edited to be dancing along to the song Mundian To Bach Ke.
  • Abuse - #StopVikAbuse has been referenced for years, due to the treatment Vik has received by the others. Jokes have been made too many times to accurately count, and Vik has said it used to bother him, but now it helps him not care what people think.
  • Intelligence - Due to Vik supposedly being "The most intelligent Sidemen", jokes between the other Sidemen have been made if Vik messes up a quiz question, or makes an odd remark.
  • Eyebrows - Vik’s big eyebrows were mentioned in Deji’s Sidemen Diss.


  • Rapping - KSI is made fun of by the Sidemen, for rapping and saying that he isn't a real rapper, and that his "bars" are weak. His hair and bizarre fashion style is also insulted regularly.
  • Bulking - After his fight with Logan Paul, KSI has put on an enormous amount of weight and was weighed at 99.9kg during the Sidemen Strength Challenge (2019). He tries to say he is bulking, interestingly this joke originated from his reddit page r/ksi.
  • Forehead - Wears a bandana to cover up his hairline.
  • Intelligence - JJ has been ripped on for his lack of intelligence, especially when it comes to reading.


  • Obesity - Until 2018, Ethan was overweight. His weight was regularly poked fun at by the Sidemen. Since losing weight, he has become very much obsessed with posting pictures of his now-muscular body. The Sidemen, especially KSI, make fun of this too.
  • Nigerian - After finding out that his ancestry is 1.1% Nigerian, it is now a joke that Ethan is Nigerian and is part of the "Three Nigerians" with JJ and Tobi.
  • Alissa Violet - Since Ethan's crush on Alissa Violet has gained more attention, he is subjected to a lot of jokes about doing things in order to get with her by the fans and the Sidemen, most notably Josh.
  • Father - The fact that Ethan's dad left him is brought up constantly, mostly by the Sidemen, and almost more by the fans. Ethan has made it into a joke amongst the Sidemen.


  • Height - Often called extremely lanky by other members of the group.
  • Blunt - Simon, due to often being blunt, has caused jokes about him being a prick, especially in text messages.
  • Femininity - Along with Harry, thanks to the James Charles make up video, Simon has been called "the closest to a girl out of the Sidemen" more than once.


  • Ghosting - Tobi is the most private of the Sidemen, and often disappears, causing the guys to make fun of the fact he always "ghosts". This has apparently been a common thing since school, according to Josh.
  • Nose - Although not a common joke amongst the Sidemen, their fans, and other YouTubers make many jokes about Tobi's big nose. Deji called him ‘black pinocchio’ in “Deji - Sidemen Diss Track (Official Music Video)”.
  • Privacy - Being the most private of the Sidemen has caused a lot of questions, especially about Tobi's relationships, and his virginity, to surface, especially recently.


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