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Andrew John Shane (born May 13, 1994 (1994-05-13) [age 28]), known online as Randolph, is a British rapper, YouTuber, and a friend of the Sidemen who regularly helps film videos with them.[1]

He regularly produces music with KSI and has featured in songs such as Red Alert, Beerus. He also released an album with JJ called New Age. He and JJ went on tour across several countries to promote their new album.

Beef with Deji

On November 18, 2018, The Sidemen uploaded a video called 'Sidemen Family Fortunes'. JJ (portraying Folabi, A Nigerian host) asked a question about dead channels. Randolph replied quickly, saying "Deji'. From there, the beef began.

Deji found this to be insulting and released a video in which he insulted Randolph and his wife which in turn, provoked Randolph to release a diss track called 'Manchild'.

Deji replied by also releasing a diss track called 'Ran' in which he revealed JJ's bank information.

Randolph released another diss track on Deji called 'Victory Speech'. This was the last diss track in this back and forth battle.

Randolph Games

In September 2019, Randolph revived his second channel, Randolph Games . He now uploads daily Pokémon videos consisting of pack openings and gameplay of various Pokémon games.

Randolph also live streams on this channel every now and then, where he hunts for shiny Pokémon.

Randolph has done various collabs with Miniminter, KSI and Dean Leander.

He also does pack battles against other people such as his wife and the people mentioned above.


  • He also has a podcast with Simon Minter called the 'The What's Good Podcast with Miniminter and Randolph'
  • He has a wife called Laura who he lives with, in London.
  • He is a Nottingham Forest fan.
  • He has said his favourite Pokémon is Lugia.