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Quadeca is an American YouTuber, rapper and musician.

Relevence to the Sidemen

On November 18, 2018, KSI featured on Simon and Randolph's podcast, What's Good?, and called out some fellow YouTube rappers, including Quadeca.

5 days later, on November 23, Quadeca released a diss track against JJ named Insecure. The music video for Insecure also showed W2S facetiming Quadeca. Generally, this track received a very good response from the public. 

11 days after the release of Quadeca's diss track, JJ responded to Quadeca with his own diss track called Ares. This was a very controversial track with lines from KSI such as "I am the table" and "These bit*hes are botching".

Although KSI was the last one to diss the other, it was clear that Quadeca won the beef as his diss received more likes and less dislikes than KSI's.


On 24 June 2019, Quadeca posted a YouTube video titled 'Confronting KSI about the diss tracks...' in which he jokingly confronted JJ. The two then performed on stage together at one of JJ's shows.



  • One of KSI's lines in Ares is "And if we ever played/I'll still beat you at a FIFA game". They did end up playing, but JJ lost.
  • Their beef didn't just end, Quadeca even hopped on a song with Randolph, Roll the Dice, on JJ's album (New Age) and performed live on the New Age Tour.