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This is the tale of two birds and one stone. A man takes a bait, a women interacts and Nobody goes and makes a track. A man claps back and Nobody needs the man to interact. A Nobody needs the man to make a track. A Nobody makes a diss, with a possible snitch. With the Sidemen's guy who can't mix for shit. Hoping a man will tell the women, in order for the women to bring her self in. A women then slanders, tricking YouTubers. In the midst of talking with lawyers. With no proof or backing, a man makes a diss with the info he is lacking. Bitch took the bait was the line in the leak. A man thought it was him, because he has tits. A man is now a savior in a lawsuit woowee! KSI lord and savior brought my son straight to me. KSI lord and savior, checkmate. Three weeks in the making bitch!
— Adam's final quote explaining the KSI/NetNobody beef.

Adam Dahlberg (born January 17, 1993 (1993-01-17) [age 28]), formerly known as SkyDoesMinecraft and today known as NetNobody, is an American YouTuber that became a part of the 2017 Sidemen War after making a diss track on KSI.

Association with KSI

On 20 August 2017, Adam posted his diss track on KSI to YouTube titled "Diss Track Ed". KSI reacted to this video and announced he would reply and "destroy" Adam.

On 8 September 2017, KSI released his diss track. It featured Adam's ex-girlfriend Alesa on it. The song is titled "Adam's Apple". On the same date Adam released his own diss track titled "Bend The Knee".

At the end of the video, Adam claimed that he used KSI so that he could get Alesa on it. He used that to expose Alesa of all the lies she says, so that Adam could get custody of his son (Alesa didn't let Adam visit their child up until that point).

In a DramaAlert interview, Adam had a live breakdown when describing his personal life.