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MoreSidemen is the official second channel of the Sidemen.

Announced during a "Sidemen Sunday" video, it features gaming videos, challenge videos and rarely, compilation videos.[1]


The MoreSidemen channel features lots of compilations made by Teg, the creator of the AllThingsSidemen.

AllThingsSidemen was a channel dedicated to compilations of the Sidemen. His most popular compilation is titled "Josh Has Tourettes," In which Zerkaa is sound clipped saying weird things, like "F*ck off on a turtle on a left Wednesday, Tuesday, Monday".

Teg did a face reveal at 50k subscribers and confirmed his Twitter, which is @TegsRF. He stopped uploading on AllThingsSidemen to focus on MoreSidemen.

Other Videos

Besides compilations, the Sidemen upload shorter podcasts, behind-the-scenes videos and weekly videos under the banner of "Sidemen Saturday" or "More Sidemen Saturday". Shorter podcasts exclude members of the Sidemen, and are a half hour shorter. There is currently one uploaded where Harry, and Vik were excluded.