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Logan Paul (born April 1, 1995 (1995-04-01) [age 27]), is an American YouTuber, actor, musician, boxer, wrestler and former Viner. Logan Paul began having an association with KSI and Deji in 2018 due to their the boxing match.



Before the boxing drama even existed, Logan Paul was in good relations with KSI, Calfreezy and RiceGum. The four met up in real life at the Super Bowl together in 2017.[1]

2018 Boxing Match

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At the end of the KSI V Joe Weller boxing match, KSI called out Logan and Jake following his victory against Joe. After this, DramaAlert tweeted out to see how many people wanted to see a boxing match of KSI and Deji vs Logan and his brother Jake. Deji involved himself in the drama, specifically calling out Jake Paul. Logan and Jake then made a series of videos surrounding the situation, claiming that they didn't want any drama and were unsure if any boxing match would happen.

KSI then made a poll asking viewers to vote for whom they wanted to see him fight next. KSI said that at the time he thought it was incredibly unlikely that the fight between him and Logan would actually happen, however Logan accepted KSI's proposition and, following some disagreements between the two's management teams, the fight was confirmed for August 2018. It was later also confirmed that Deji and Jake would fight on the undercard.

The fight ended in a draw by majority decision. This prompted the rematch that would take place in 2019.

2019 Boxing Rematch

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On November 9, 2019, Logan and JJ fought in a rematch to the first fight they had. The fight was announced as a professional boxing match and both Logan and JJ received their professional boxing licenses. The match lasted six rounds, with Logan losing to KSI from a split decision after two points were subtracted from Logan due to illegal punches.

Following the boxing match, both Logan and KSI have shared their respect for each other in videos and post-fight interviews.


In July 2021, Logan Paul was spotted in the United Kingdom, speculated by fans to be collaborating with the Sidemen. He was announced as a guest on the KSI show, which was released on 17 July 2021. On 18 July, the regular Sidemen Sunday dropped and featured Logan and his friend, George.