Lewis Redman (born July 29, 1993 (1993-07-29) [age 27]), is a good friend and associate of the Sidemen.

He used to be referred to as the brother of Vikkstar123[1], however, this is of course untrue.

Lewis runs the Sidemen Clothing business alongside Freya Nightingale - he is occasionally referred to as "The Merch King".

He is also considered a Sideman to the Sidemen.


Lewis went to Bexley grammar school with Josh and Tobi and used to play video games on a regular basis with them. He went to Canterbury University to study film, radio and television. Upon graduating, he worked as an unpaid intern for an advertising agency in London before Josh asked him to help out with the Sidemen Clothing branch. He co-founded ZRKLDN and co-hosted the Homegrown Podcast with Josh.[2].

Before the merchandise business blew up, Lewis only worked 2 days a week for the Sidemen. After a while, it became apparent that he would have to go full-time. He also played for Sidemen F.C. in both the 2016 and 2017 charity football matches.

Lewis first became well known to a wider audience after running into a fence and injuring himself in one of Harry's videos called "FOOTBALL DEATH RUN" in January 2015.


In the early days, Lewis and Freya would arrive at the old Sidemen House around noon and spend the day sifting through all the thousands of email orders that the Sidemen received from all over the world. They would personally package the UK orders and take them to the post office (international orders were sorted differently). Upon completion of sorting the days orders, the two of them would always be looking for new suppliers and products to make sure the Sidemen range was as up to date as possible.


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