The Lamborghini Aventador was the car owned by KSI.



KSI's first car

Until October 2014, Olajide owned a grey Porsche Boxster with the number plate "K51 FLY". This car in itself put into perspective just how much money successful YouTubers earn and shocked some of KSI's fanbase. In late 2014, he revealed this new car. This also sparked the song "Lamborghini".

JJ had a Lamborghini up until early-September 2017, where he joked that his money supply was low, and that he had to sell it, in order to gain money for it, as of that date, JJ no longer owns a Lamborghini.

Screenshot (86)

The original car.


Original Design

  • On 30 November 2014 - in a video entitled 'Reacting to Wroetoshaw's New Car!' - KSI unveiled his orange Aventador. At first, fans presumed it was a supercar driving experience because the video was filmed at a racetrack, however KSI later confirmed that the car did in fact belong to him.

Initial "Wrap"

  • LA

    The car after its first wrapping process was complete.

    In late-2014, JJ decided to "wrap" his Aventador. He gave it to the company 'Yiannimize" (a company who also "wrapped" the Range Rover owned by Wroetoshaw) and in just a few weeks they had completed the process. The Aventador was given a new LED light and sound system as well as a purple and orange "Tron" colour scheme.

Subsequent "Wrap"

  • Ksilambo2

    The car after its most recent wrapping process was complete.

    In September 2015, Olajide returned the car to Yiannimize who stripped it back to its original orange colour before re-wrapping it in satin black. This was a vast improvement on the purple and orange (according to the majority of the comments in the comments section). However, JJ couldn't leave it at a sleek, "cool", satin black Lamborghini and instead added more "Tron" lines; this time in bright red.
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