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Jamie Aboro Adenuga (born May 4, 1985 (1985-05-04) [age 37]), better known as his stage name JME or YouTube name ManBetterKnow, is an English MC and YouTube personality.


Jamie was born in Hackney, into a family who are originally from Nigeria. He grew up in Tottenham in North London where he lived in a council house. He attended St. Paul's School and then Winchmore School in Enfield along with his brother Skepta.

Adenuga subsequently graduated from University of Greenwich receiving a First Class Honours in 3D Digital Design.

JME has a YouTube channel called ManBetterKnow, on which has over 430,000 subscribers. Although many know him as JME, other MCs and some fans know him simply as Jamie.


Jme started his passion for producing by making mobile phone ringtones. He later used Mario Paint, Game Boy Camera, Fruity Loops, and then a mixture of Pro Tools and Logic Studio.

Jme also co-owns Uptown Records, his own T-shirt chain, (bearing the labels of himself), his record label Boy Better Know, and his dormant nightclub Straight Outta Bethnal.

He released his debut album 'Famous?', as well as an album through a major label with the whole of Boy Better Know.

Jme released a single "Over Me" in September 2009. He followed this single with another, "Sidetracked", which featured Wiley followed by "CD is Dead", that featured Tempa T. These three singles are featured on his second studio album, Blam!, which was released on 4 October 2010. He released Integrity on 4 May 2015.

JME made a song with YouTuber and friend KSI, titled "Keep Up", which has more than 40 million views on YouTube, as of July 2020.

He made another song with JJ - "Pull Up", in May 2019, which has 14M views, as of July 2020.


Despite being relatively unknown within the Sidemen fanbase, he has commonly been labelled as an "official" member of the group - most notably by Miniminter in a Q&A video. JME has participated in multiple real-life challenges with the Sidemen, such as Ethan's quickfire crossbar challenge and Simon's "power challenge". He has had his music used in several Sidemen videos. He featured in a Cards Against Humanity video with the group.

There are, however, videos dating back to late 2013 and early 2014 that show JME playing Grand Theft Auto V with other Sidemen. More recently, JME participated in a video on the main Sidemen channel, titled "SIDEMEN DEAL OR NO DEAL", which was used to decide the Sidemen's monetary donation for the 2018 charity match.

Jme's most recent feature on the Sidemen channel is the Sidemen Christmas Songs video. As of July 2020, 3 of the Sidemen (KSI, Zerkaa, TBJZL) as well as Callux, DDotShifty, Chunkz and Manny have appeared in his music videos.

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