I Am a Bellend, released as I Am a Tool in the United States, is a book written by KSI. It was first officially published on 24 September 2015.

KSI now joins a large list of popular YouTubers who have written books.

Its target audience is allegedly mid-teens. However, many reviews have implied that the book should not be read by anyone below the age of 18 (see below).

Content and Criticism

In summary, the book's content includes facts about KSI, advice about YouTube, general tips on life as well as typical Olajide "banter". Reviews of the book have ranged from extremely positive to extremely negative. One of the major criticisms of the book is its extreme sexual content and numerous references to masturbation and an entire chapter devoted to sex positions.

A lot of the fanbase are "underage", so, naturally, the vast majority of the complaints are from parents who are - understandably - angry at KSI for writing a book for his fans (whom he knows a vast majority of are children) without giving any direct warning other than a "Parental Advisary: Explicit Content" logo on the front.

On the contrary, the book has been met with praise from children whose parents have allowed them to read it, as well as teenagers (who the book is directly aimed at) and the general fans of KSI. It's humour (albeit "vulgar humour") has been significantly praised with the structure and vibrant design being commended.

The book also has a section devoted to GudjonDaniel.


I Am a Bellend was released as I Am a Tool in the U.S., since Americans are apparently unfamiliar with the British slang word "bellend". However, in many bookshops across the UK, the word "bellend" on the front cover has been censored. This is primarily due to the fact that the publishers were concerned about how close the book would be to young children who, in their view, shouldn't have exposure to this mildly offensive word. KSI was clearly upset about this - taking to Instagram to express his discontent.

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