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Rasmus Klaustrup, also known as FifaRalle or Ralle, is a Danish FIFA and Sunday league football-YouTuber.

Starting in June 2008, Ralle has been posting FIFA related videos, such as skill compilations and "Road to Glory"-based series. He has collaborated a lot with Marius Hjerpseth (MHjerpseth) and Alex Brands (Kazooie94) during his 8 years of doing YouTube. Besides YouTube, he studies Medialogy and livestreams on Twitch.

Ralle's probably most known for his impressive FIFA skill moves and creative edits. He is cooperating a lot with EA Sports, giving him extra benefits in the FIFA franchise, such as free untradable FIFA Ultimate Team cards and being able to make a series that is shown on the main menu of FUT, which is called FUTPossible. This series is in a collaboration with MHjerpseth, Kazooie94, HughWizzy, Spencer FC, ChuBoi and Castro.

Rasmus lives in Gundsølille, a little town outside of the Danish capital Copenhagen, and that is also where his Sunday league team is located. On March 1st 2016, he started up his Sunday league series on YouTube. However, since "Gundsølille" was such a weird and difficult name for foreigners to understand, he nicknamed his team "The Famous GSG", inspired by the film Green Street Hooligans.[1] That has also been a characteristic nickname for Ralle's FUT club, and he has received multiple questions regarding that nickname.

Ralle is not associated a lot with the Sidemen, however he met up with Miniminter and TBJZL at an Adidas event in Berlin, where they played a bit of football together. After that, when Ralle had a Q&A, Tobi asked him the question "when can we panna together again?", and to answer that, Ralle said that he wanted to make it happen and he would love to meet up again with them in the future.