Jesse Campana Duban (born 3 November 1987), also known as Fangs or Fangbanger, is a YouTube personality and friend of TBJZL and Miniminter.


Jesse Lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband (Twitch and YouTube personality 'GI Doobie'). She often collaborates with other FIFA YouTubers such as miniminter, Nepenthez, AA9skillz, bateson87 and TobiiasGaming.

On her main channel she mostly posts FIFA content, as well as occasional Q&As and personal videos about her life. She also likes to show off her breasts in clickbaits. Her fans say they grow every video. On her second channel, she plays games such as Minecraft, GTA 5, and Call of Duty.


  • Contrary to popular belief, her first name is not Jessica. It is simply Jesse.
  • She hates snakes.
  • She jokingly claims to be miniminter's mum; however, this is clearly untrue as she is just 5 years older than him.
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