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Christopher Michael Dixon (born June 10, 1996 (1996-06-10) [age 26]), known online as ChrisMD, is a YouTuber and friend of the Sidemen.

Personal life

Chris is from Jersey - one of the Channel Islands. Jersey is the largest of these islands and 21 miles away from Guernsey - the island that Harry (Wroetoshaw) is from.

Chris plays for his local football team at The Fortress. He plays as an attacking midfielder. He often complains about the standard of the pitch there as it is very bumpy and infested with mole hills. Chris has a dedicated football series called the "Ultimate Sunday League Footballer", where he plays against YouTubers with Sunday League oriented football challenges. The series has featured SpencerFC, Miniminter and Manny.


Chris has collaborated with TBJZL more than any other member of the Sidemen. He has also collaborated with Miniminter and W2S; and played against Zerkaa and Behzinga in the The Draft (along with Nepenthez, Fangs, Calfreezy, AA9Skillz and Spencer FC).

Chris won The Draft after overcoming Ethan, AA9Skillz and Josh in the final of the knockout based tournament. He has also done an Arsenal football challenge video with KSI, where the loser had to wear Tottenham Hotspurs accessories and post it on their Instagram profile. Chris lost.

Chris played at the 2016 charity football match on 3 June 2016. He played for the YouTube Allstars; captained by Calfreezy. In the match he missed a penalty, but was regarded by most as the game's best player.

Chris also played the Wembley Cup on the 31 May 2015. Chris played on the team Spencer FC. They played against Sidemen F.C.. Spencer FC won the match 6–2, with Chris scoring one of those goals.

Chris also played another game of the Wembley Cup on 2 September 2016; this time against Spencer FC. Chris played on the team Wellers Wanderers; captained by Joe Weller. Spencer FC won 7-4 but Chris collected "best skill of the match" when he flicked the ball over Robert Pires' head and then again over Jamie Carragher.


  • Chris has a total of more than 5 million subscribers across his two channels.
  • He has a sister named Kelly and 2 cousins, one named Jenny and another named Ollie.
  • Chris only recently featured his dad in one of his videos: 'THE BEST EVER EURO GOALS RECREATION BATTLE VS MY DAD'.
  • Every 1,000,000 subscribers milestone he hits, he releases a part of his "Nerf War" video he made when he was younger. It stars him, his sister, his cousins, some of his school friends, and their dog Max.
  • He has done a “£10 vs. £1,000 Takeaway” - the Eboys and the Sidemen later also did this idea.
  • Chris shares his birthday with Manny.