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Fans invading the pitch.

The 2016 charity football match was a notable sporting event hosted and streamed by the Sidemen. It was the first of their trilogy of charity matches.


On 6 March 2016, the Sidemen announced that they would be participating in - and hosting - a charity football match at St. Mary's Stadium in Southampton (home of Southampton F.C.) on 3 June 2016.

All money generated from ticket sales went towards the 'Saints Foundation' charity. All seven members of the Sidemen played on one team (along with a few others) called Sidemen F.C. and they played against an opposing team named the "YouTube Allstars". The teams were steadily announced on Twitter between March and May.

Ticket sales alone generated over £100,000 for the charity and the 'JustGiving' page added an additional £10,000+ to that figure. Donations can still be made via the link here:


No. SDMN F.C No. YouTube Allstars
7 (C) Miniminter 17 (C) Calfreezy
12 KSI 9 Joe Weller
15 Behzinga 7 Callux
21 TBJZL 1 David Vujanic
123 Vikkstar123 69 FilthyFellas
77 wroetoshaw 15 ThatcherJoe
4 Zerkaa 10 ChrisMD
17 Manny 13 BajanCanadian
6 Spencer FC 27 Nepenthez
0 JME 25 (*) JMX
1 (**) hughwizzy 21 OliWhiteTV
10 Marcus Butler 5 CapgunTom
19 Lewis Redman 75 AnEsonGib
87 bateson87 22 TobiiasGaming
11 P Money 8 HurderOfBuffalo


  • (C) = captain (Miniminter and Calfreezy).
  • (*) Until 1 June 2016, TheBurntChip was playing for the YouTube Allstars. He pulled out due to family issues. He was replaced by JMX.
  • (**) Until 27 May 2016, Caspar Lee was playing for Sidemen F.C. He pulled out due to scheduling conflicts and was replaced by 'hughwizzy'.


The final results of the match were 7-2 to Sidemen F.C.

SDMN - 7 2 - YTAS
TobiiasGaming 15'
Miniminter 51'
FIFAManny 53'
JMX 58'
FIFAManny 61'
Miniminter 71'
Joe Weller 72'       
Miniminter 73'



  • TBJZL has since said that his favourite moments from the match were when he scored the first "actual" goal of the match (which wasn't an own goal), as well as the fact that his brother Manny scored two. However, the moment that had the edge for him was when Vikkstar123 attempted to "back-heel" the ball.